The One Question You Want To Answer

Here's a question to help you find endless topics to talk about:

"What are all of the problems I've solved and topics I've learned about over the last 2 years?"

The problem?

If this is the main question you care about, your creative journey will soon become quite boring and you won't make any real impact in your space.

Don't get me wrong. Sharing the lessons and skills you've learned is part of the game.

But if all you do is look back... You'll miss a critical part of being a creative:

The exploration.

Which brings us to the subject of this newsletter:

"What question are you trying to answer?"

Let’s explore together the possibilities...

Because if you figure this out, you'll get one step closer to discovering your unique message.

So here's a more straightforward question to get started:

"If people learn what I'm sharing with them and use that to achieve the opportunities they seek...

What kind of change am I creating in my space?"

If your answer is just "they'll make more money and live a better life"...

There's something missing there.

Let me give you an example to shed more light on this:

I have a millionaire client that hired me to help him grow his personal brand in the home service industry.

So what we did?

We launched a podcast, a book, and a Facebook group... And started teaching home service business owners how to scale their businesses.

Our following was growing, but we were not making any significant impact in the industry... So I asked my client a more profound question...

"What's something that bothers you in this industry? What change would you like to make?"

To which he replied:

"Business owners keep complaining about their employees all the time. But they don't create the conditions for their team to win. No wonder why people choose other industries when looking for a job."

That was the moment when we realized the question we should try to answer:

"How do we turn the home service industry into a reference when it comes to team-building?"

We then embarked on a mission to explore this question…

That led us to the creation of the Elevate message:

If you invest in the success of your team, your team will be invested in the success of your business.

Which is the pillar of all our communication nowadays.

The number of stories that we hear now about employees earning 6 figures, getting out of debt, buying new houses, becoming family members...

It's truly inspiring.

And business owners now don't only follow us because they want to learn how to make more money or create more freedom for themselves...

They follow our lead because they believe in our cause and they want to be part of it. They want to Elevate their people, and while doing that, elevate the whole industry.

So what about you…

What question are you trying to answer?