The Power of Intuition

We are all antennae for creative thought. Some transmissions come on strong, others are more faint. If your antenna isn’t sensitively tuned, you’re likely to lose the data in the noise.

Particularly since the signals coming through are often more subtle than the content we collect through sensory awareness. They are energetic more than tactile, intuitively perceived more than consciously recorded.

Rick Rubin

We live in a world designed to repress your intuition.

Your phone. Social Media. Friends and family's expectations.

They all keep you in a bubble.

It's hard to have your antenna sensitively tuned when all you crave is the dopamine of the next phone notification.

It's hard to open yourself to a different path when everybody on Social Media is following the same formula.

And it's hard to listen to your internal voice when your family and friends want you to play safe.

On top of that, you have the clock ticking away, which creates the pressure to be more productive rather than creative.

But you want to know who will very soon be more productive than all of us?


More and more what's "average" won't have space in this world.

Only what's unique and different will stand out.

And to create that, we all have to recalibrate our intuition to be open to novel ideas.


That's a great question that I've been exploring a lot lately.

So far, here's what I noticed:

Kill Your Addictions

For the lungs to draw in air, they must first be emptied. For the mind to draw inspiration, it wants space to welcome the new.

Rick Rubin

The problem?

We don't give the mind enough space to breathe.

We’re always craving novelty. Always looking for something new to stay busy.

And Social Media capitalizes on that.

But what I realized is that the more I stay away from these modern addictions...

  • The less garbage I consume,

  • The less I compare myself to others,

  • The less I comply with other’s people definitions of success.

And the best part?

It creates more space to tap into my intuition.

Play With Your Unconscious

Whenever I have a new idea, I'm writing something new, or I'm working on a new project, I like to do the following exercise:

I open a notepad on my computer and start putting together some initial thoughts.

If I'm writing, it could be the core message I'm trying to portray, the structure of the piece, potential headlines... anything that gives me an idea of where to go with it.

Then I ignore it for a few days.

When I'm back, something magical happens...

It's almost as if I have someone behind me telling me what to do.

My intuition that was buried in my unconscious kicks in and the answers start to show up.

But when we feel pressured by time, the urge to be productive can get in our way.

And yes, while we end up getting more done, it's usually just more of the same.

Quit Playing Safe

The hardest part...

It's to actually listen to your intuition.

The more you tune in your antennae, the more your intuition will speak to you.

But you'll still have to act on it.

And quite often, when you follow your intuition, you'll find yourself going against people's expectations.

Because let's face it...

You want to please your family, your friends, and even your audience. We all do.

These people want you to play safe…

But letting your intuition guide you means taking risks.

And to create unique work, you have to stop blending in with the "average" and quit playing safe.